Industry data indicate production efficiency for some existing offshore assets is significantly below what it could be with many of these outages unplanned. This results in a loss of cash revenue and the cost to rectify failures is far greater than repairing before failure, due to delays to access spares, equipment, vessels, potential for secondary damage from failure and inefficiency of responding urgently than with good advance planning. System reliability and availability plays a significant role in delivering improved production efficiency.

Astrimar’s consultants utilise their specialist knowledge and experience with a suite of reliability tools and processes, to evaluate existing offshore assets and provide recommendations for production efficiency improvement.

  • Preventing equipment failure through developing a robust understanding of potential failure modes and their consequences and implementing risk-based or reliability centred inspection and maintenance to identify and intervene on degradation and potential failures before they occur.
  • Increasing efficiency of planned shutdowns through prioritised maintenance, such that the right time is spent on managing the most important failure risks.
  • Improving turnarounds and interventions through risk-based planning for strategic preparedness and spares holding.

The use of operational and condition monitoring data, analysed through our pRIOriti-AIM software or other reliability data analysis methods for the high risk failure topsides equipment, such as rotating machinery, enables predictive and preventive maintenance and operations within optimal performance envelopes.