The reliability and availability of energy trunk lines and distribution networks is of both strategic and individual significance. A single failure can affect access to energy to key geographic areas and even failures in more localized equipment can still have significant impact to individuals, businesses and communities. Reliability and availability can be achieved through managing the dynamic characteristics of loading on the systems along with capacity to meet those demands, through prioritised maintenance and asset management, and through planned preparedness response in the event of failure.

Astrimar’s consultants draw on more than 20 years of industrial and academic experience in reliability engineering and technical risk management. Our approach focuses on the best use of available data to understand and prevent or pre-empt equipment failure to minimise unwanted safety and supply consequences.  We support the identification, analysis and management of critical failure modes within the distribution and supply networks, by considering how failure modes, their mechanisms and causes can be prevented or pre-empted, or responded to efficiently for minimum impact. 

From early design and qualification and on through the operating life, we provide an understanding of reliability capacity as an essential input to asset decision making, including design improvements, system monitoring, spares holding, inspection, maintenance and upgrade.

Our experience has identified that the qualification of new technology before it is installed in service, is crucial to managing technology risk and achieving (and assuring) reliability and availability through life.  As such we have best practice experience of applying reliability engineering principles to the development and implementation of effective technology qualification using the widely adopted technology readiness level (TRL) approach combined with prioritised assessment and qualification related to failure mode risk.  This is directly applicable to the focus on innovation for enhanced network reliability for the future.