Introduction to RAPAT (Rapid Acceptance of Products &Technologies)

24 March 2021 - 24 March 2021
12:00 - 13:00 GMT

Free webinar, jointly hosted by Astrimar and National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), introduces RAPAT (Rapid Acceptance of Products & Technologies), an easy-to-use tool, currently free-to-download, created to help technology developers achieve product acceptance.

Course details

The Excel-based, RAPAT tool is applicable across a range of technologies and leads the developer through a series of questions and worksheets to help define technology and user requirements and understand the associated risks and to support you in demonstrating evidence of fulfilling the requirements and managing the risks so the technology can be verified/approved for use by end-user.

As a generic tool, it is applicable for wider industry applications and provides a structured approach based on industry best practice to support product acceptance and certification.

This free 1-hour Online Webinar presentation is aimed at engineers and managers who are involved in the development of, or in the adoption of, new technology, or who are looking to transfer technology to new sectors or applications.

The presentation covers an introduction to basic functionality of the RAPAT tool, the support and guidance it provides and how the use of tool fits within the product development life cycle. The presentation will also present how the RAPAT tool can support assurance of products manufactured with additive methods.

The webinar aims to provide the following learning outcomes:

  • To be aware of the RAPAT tool and how it can be used to support technology qualification and product assurance towards certification
  • To be aware of the in-built support and guidance provided within the tool
  • To understand how the tool can be used at different stages in the product development process
  • To understand how the tool can be used to support assurance of products manufactured with additive methods

More Information

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