Risk-Based Approach to Well Plugging and Abandonment

06 May 2022 - 06 May 2022
13:00 - 14:00 BST
+44(0)1467 620692

Free webinar provides an overview of our approach to support industry applying a risk-based methodology to well plugging and abandonment including qualification of alternative barrier technologies

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Find out about our approach to support provision of well plugging and abandonment integrity assurance for both new and existing plugging technologies.

Well plugging and abandonment typically constitutes between 40% and 50% of offshore decommissioning costs and to 2050 have been estimated to be about £47Bn. Many companies are investigating opportunities for cost reduction through simpler well P&A designs and through the new plugging technologies. Current industry standards require abandoned wells to be leak free in perpetuity and any new plug technologies are required to demonstrate a leak-free life of 3000 years. This creates significant uncertainties around their long-term performance and tools are needed to justify well P&A design solutions.

This Desk 2 Desk Online Webinar presentation provides an overview of our approach and the STEM-flow methodology used to support industry implmenting a risk-based well plugging and abandonment strategy including:

  • Qualification of new plug materials
  • Integrity of individual plugs
  • Integrity of well plugging systems

This free 1-hour Online Webinar presentation is aimed at providing guidance to engineers and senior managers who are involved in well plugging and abandonment.


The presentation provides an introduction to basic principles rather than detailed application with the following learning outcomes:

  • The benefits and opportunities of implementing a risk-based approach to well P&A
  • An awareness of current guidance, practice and regulations
  • An understanding of how STEM-flow can be used to support well P&A assurance
  • An awareness of the approach used in STEM-flow including data requirements 

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