Efficient Innovation Management & Technology Development

09 September 2022 - 09 September 2022
13:00 - 14:00 BST

Introduces best practices in innovation management, technology development, qualification & assurance for efficient route to market deployment & acceptance.

Course details

Building on Astrimar's extensive experience and expertise, supporting technology developers through the technology development and qualification process, this free webinar introduces best practices in innovation management and technology assurance.

This webinar will look at how common pitfalls and barriers to technology development and deployment success can be identified and managed, and will provide awareness of technology development and qualification best practices, such as understanding market and regulatory requirements, assessing and managing technical and commercial risks and building evidence to support product assurance. Learn too, about Responsible Innovation best practices.

Astrimar's easy-to-use Excel-based innovation management tool, RAPAT (Rapid Acceptance of Products & Technologies) will also be introduced, with an overview of the tool's capabilities.

The webinar aims to provide the following learning outcomes:

  • To be aware of product and technology development best practices
  • To be aware of Responsible Innovation best practices
  • To be aware of the RAPAT innovation management tool and how it can be used to support funding applications, technology development, qualification and product assurance towards certification.


More Information

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