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10 June 2016

Astrimar offer services through the Industrial App Store

Astrimar have signed up to collaborate with innovative tailored IT solutions provider Intelligent Plant to provide efficient and affordable reliability and integrity tools and services via their Industrial App Store

Astrimar is excited by the opportunities offered in collaborating with Intelligent Plant to provide app-based tools and services to support the oil and gas community and wider energy, utilities and water industries.  Already, Astrimar has established Service Apps for:     

   Tailored FMECA preparation and pre-population service to efficiently provide the basis for
   robust and resource efficient, value added effective FMECA workshops 
   Analysis service to evaluate valve signature data through performing statistical analysis to
  estimate valve failure rates and optimise test intervals to keep within acceptable risk levels


These services complement Intelligent Plant tools and services already on the Industrial Appstore including their pioneering tool for analysis of valve signatures to identify anomalous performance and their simple P&ID generation tool.

Astrimar has a vision for adding further tools and service apps in the coming months, packaging niche services and solutions for key reliability engineering and integrity management.