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05 April 2017

Astrimar selected as a training provider for Oceans'17

"Moving Risk Based Inspection to Predictive IM for delivery of Resilient Subsea Installations" is a half day tutorial being provided by Astrimar at the Oceans'17 conference in Aberdeen

Given the current economic climate, many in the subsea industry are considering how the cost of subsea inspection, monitoring and maintenance can be reduced without compromising safety and integrity and how we can make the subsea industry more resilient to changes and disturbances.

Astrimar's tutorial will cover the basic principles underpinning risk based inspection and the type of modelling and analysis tools needed to move to a more predictive regime for managing subsea installations. The tutorial will include discussions on the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will also include discussions on the emerging discipline of resilience engineering and its relationship to the more traditional fields of risk and reliability engineering.

Further information about the tutorial and the Oceans'17 conference (running from 19th to 22nd June), including details of how to register, is available on the Oceans'17 website