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06 June 2018

2nd edition of API RP 17Q published

The completed 2nd edition of API RP 17Q Recommended Practice on Subsea Equipment Qualification is now available from IHS

Astrimar is delighted that the 2nd edition of API RP 17Q has now been published. Astrimar technical director John Strutt was a key contributor to this along with leading operators and equipment suppliers.

The update is a major revision to the 1st edition which previously focused primarily on qualification of standard technology. The 2nd edition addresses qualification of new technology, modified technology and standard technology and provides detailed guidance on the technology qualification process as well as appropriate activities for each technology readiness level. It extends the guidance previously provided in API RP 17N and is well aligned with DNV RP A203. 

The interim guidance provided in Annex E and Annex F in the  2nd edition of API RP 17N has now been removed with 17N now referencing 17Q.

For anyone wanting to know more about the latest guidance, Astrimar are running their popular 2 day technology qualification training course this month. More details can be found under our classroom training courses