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02 May 2019

Energy Institute Media Partner for Asset Management Conference

Astrimar is delighted to again be invited to be a media partner for the EI 2019 conference "Approaches to upstream asset major accident hazard management with learnings from inside and outside of the Oil and Gas Industry"

The Energy Institute is holding this popular 1-day asset maangement conference on 2-3 October 2019 at Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen to explore the latest industry thinking, best practice, research and lessons learned and innovation with relevance to the management of major accident hazards associated with oil and gas assets.  

This event seeks to build on the principles of cross-industry learning captured in its recently published “High-Level Framework for Management of Process Safety”, which received input from several high-hazard industry sectors including Oil and Gas and has been endorsed by the industry safety regulator. The event will examine approaches to the assessment and management of common Major Accident Hazards from within, and without the Upstream Sector.

Key conference themes will be:

  • Leadership
  • Hazard Identification 
  • Risk Management
  • Measurement/Review and Improve

This conference will be of interest to oil & gas personnel with responsibilities in the fields of:

  • Asset Management
  • Technical Risk Analysis
  • HSE, Asset Integrity
  • Operations
  • Human Factors
  • Business Improvement
  • Operational Excellence

Early-bird registration is available until  21 June 2019

More information is avilable on the Energy Institue Website