Specialist Reliability Tools

Astrimar develops advanced data and reliability analysis tools to make efficient use of available data to support reliability and integrity prediction and risk-based decisions.

At Astrimar we strive to integrate sound scientific principles into reliability assessments and forecasts, creating practical tools that can be applied in the analysis of equipment, systems and new technologies. These range from application of traditional reliability techniques to more advanced tools incorporating more complex algorithms.

Astrimar tools for standard Weibull analysis, reliability growth calculations and RBD analysis have been developed as Microsoft Excel add-ins to facilitate routine analysis as part of equipment design, technology qualification and assessment of performance in operation.

We also provide and utilise more specialist and bespoke tools to meet client needs.  For example, tools for technology qualification planning, common cause failure analysis, equipment life assessments and system analysis.

Our risk-based preparedness and sparing analysis tool can be used to support preparedness response planning in operations. An understanding of the probability and wider consequences of equipment failure, the time and cost for equipment repairs and deferred production costs, are used to identify the value of early investment in preparedness mitigations.  These may include spares and tooling, vessel availability and additional intervention/repair resources.