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13 June 2017

New Technology Qualification Training Course

Building on their years of collaboration with SUT, Astrimar are now delighted to be able to be running their successful 2 day course on the qualification of new technology in Aberdeen in September

Innovation and technology are key to success in any industry, and as we have seen recently, a challenging industry climate can be a huge catalyst to the development and application of new technology.  Acceptance of the new technology however, can be a real barrier to market deployment. 

Astrimar's consultants have been instrumental in the development and application of industry best practices including the first adoption of TRLs in API RP 17N in 2009 and the new extended guidance in updated API RP 17Q to be published later this year.  These industry best practices enable organisations to efficiently determine the most effective and appropriate testing regimes to demonstrate functionality, durability and reliability and manage technology risk.  

Astrimar have been successfully delivering their 1-day training course on Technology Qualification in conjunction with the SUT since 2012, running the course several times in London and Aberdeen, as well as in Perth and Houston.  In 2016, following positive feedback and requests from previous delegates, Astrimar launched an extended 2-day version of the course, to include additional guidance on the types of reliability testing to support qualification at each TRL (Technology Readiness Level) and statistical techniques for determining test populations and reliability assurance. Following the success of the pilot course, Astrimar are delighted to announce dates for the 2-day course in September in Aberdeen.

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