FMECA Preparation Service

Have you had to carry out a Failure Mode, Effects (and Criticality) Analysis (FMEA / FMECA), but didn't know where to start? Have you spent ages looking for Failure rate data to help estimate failure probabilities?

FMEA / FMECA is a powerful and flexible tool that can help you understand your technical risk at any stage in a system or components Lifecycle.  Whether it be to evaluate different design concepts, understand and improve the inherent reliability of a new design or determine qualification requirements and develop qualification assurance for technology application, FMEA / FMECA can help improve the reliability of your finished product.  Once in service FMEA / FMECA can help you identify and manage operational risk.  Use FMEA / FMECA to drive risk based inspection and asset integrity management, to determine prioritised risk mitigations such as spares holding and emergency response and even to help understand and manage late life integrity risks.

Astrimar provide a service to tailor a FMEA / FMECA to meet your requirements, so that the FMEA / FMECA process can help you understand your current risks and plan value enhancing actions to mitigate or manage those risks.  Purchase our FMEA / FMECA preparation service through:


We will provide you with an application specific template including an example set of prepopulated rows. You can also purchase some initial coaching to help you get started.

Astrimar are also able to provide additional services, by separate agreement, beyond the preparation and initial example pre-population of the FMEA / FMECA template, for example we can help identify appropriate failure rate data.  We have extensive experience of facilitating FMEA / FMECA workshops for any of the applications listed above, which requires tailoring of the questions and analysis of the responses to maximise the value of the engineering input at the workshops.  We can post-process the FMEA / FMECA data to provide recommendations and actions for reliability improvements, qualification testing and analysis, integrity management, preparedness response and spares holding.   Our services align to the best practices defined in API RP 17N, ISO 20815, DNV RP A203 and the new API RP 17Q (2018). Please contact us for more information on these additional services.


Don’t just carry out a FMEA / FMECA because it's required from you – use it for its true purpose to add value to your product and your services.