Data Analysis

Astrimar analyses qualification, integrity and failure data to assess reliability performance and to improve estimates of equipment failure probability. This is useful in technology development, project engineering and as part of asset operation.

Collection and analysis of reliability data is an essential aspect of qualification assurance, integrity management and reliability growth.  It also supports continuous learning and improvement both for the operating asset and for future development projects.

Astrimar uses traditional techniques such as Weibull and Reliability Growth Analysis to estimate equipment failure rate over time and predict future failure probability. 

Astrimar also develops bespoke analysis models to make best use of data available, combined with knowledge of degradation processes to develop the best-informed estimates of reliability over time.

Analysis of reliability data is crucial to support analysis and management of risk and reliability. Since the collection and availability of good reliability performance data is so crucial, Astrimar is also involved in developing strategic industry databases.

As an independent organisation, we also provide third party review, verification and audit of risk and reliability analysis and their deliverables.  Our approach is always to look for opportunities to provide positive feedback, with recommendations to support continuous improvement of the company in delivery of reliable products and services.

Our verification services can in terms of reliability and data analyses include:

  • Review of data
  • Validation of assumptions
  • Models and output